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At Everwin, we believe in offering world-class education by enhancing learning experiences. Equipped with the state of the art infrastructure, air conditioned classrooms*, modern furniture, smart boards* and intercom facility we provide the best of practical learning experiences for our students.
*Only in Everwin CBSE Schools


Physics is a subject where experimenting makes us get closer to theories. At Everwin we have a well-equipped Physics lab with the latest and state of the art infrastructure in place. At Everwin, we encourage students to come and experiment the theories and understand the concept better.


Studying Living Organisms - Scientifically Biology is one subject that is being made very interesting to the students. Students are interested in this natural science that deals with the study of life and living organisms including


Computer Labs are one of the most tech-savvy places in the school. Understanding how technology is evolving and taking over, we keep our labs well-equipped with computer systems that are updated with the latest softwares and educate our kids on softwares that would help them in their future.


A child is encouraged to learn more when fun is also a part of the learning. At Everwin we adapt to new techniques to educate our students. With the concept of Great Escape Theatre we get students out of their routines and play some comedy animated clips or


Physical Training classes popularly known as the PT class, is part of the week where students are involved in sports training that help to build the physical strength and stamina. At Everwin, we have always emphasised the need to stay fit for a healthy brain activity.


EVERWIN also encourages its students to play indoor games such as carom, chess etc. Playing chess helps players focus and concentrate on each and every move. It also develops tremendous amount of patience in them. Competitions are conducted and the school encourages players to take part actively. Future champions are groomed at the school right from a very young age.


Yoga and meditation classes are conducted at Everwin to bring about integration of body, mind and soul. Various Asanas and breathing techniques help students to be rid of illnesses. Participants of yoga usually remain calm and unperturbed in any situation. Yoga experts have been employed by the school to give the best of yoga and meditation classes to the wards.


Every child has a hidden talent. At Everwin we emphasis on spending quality time carrying out extracurricular activities. Here we have all kinds of activities starting from fitness to creativity such as Art & Crafts, Dance classes, Karate & Sports, Music Classes, Abacus and much more.


At Everwin, we also take precautions for any medical emergencies. Students or Teachers might call for a sudden help on first aid, and we have our first aid kits accessible to take control of the situation. Also, we reach out to our emergency doctors in case of medical emergency.


Everwin Group of Schools has been constantly developing with the latest learning methods and technology. We have built an Android Mobile App to keep parents updated about the announcements and happenings of the school. Also, we have a well-established state of the art data


Now Everwin Data Centre is at Your Fingertips! Everwin introduces a mobile application for all school activities in one place. This mobile application walks you through not just the events and happenings of the school, but every parent can stay updated on everything that happens


Learning Through N-computing — A gateway to the Electronic World At Everwin, we have designed a modern computer lab to give students the basic knowledge about computers and train them to acquire higher levels of development in field of electronics. Individual


We offer our students with travelling services to and fro from school. We assure our commuting services is safe as it is GPS tracked and it notifies the parent/guardian on their child’s whereabouts. We have about 70 buses at disposal. Transport facility is available for areas such as


Safety is one of the most important things of all today. At Everwin we respect the importance of secured education and that is why all our schools are well-equipped with CCTV’s across. With security measures under control, we have the confidence to provide education to our students in a secured manner.


Everwin chain of schools believe in offering an education that is uninterrupted. With good generators in place, we are able to carry out our classes without any power supply issues.